Our design process begins with a conversation on-site with you and and our lead horticulturist. We begin our conversation by identifying what experience you hope to get out of your garden. Are you drawn to colorful flowers that pop into bloom, or do you prefer the soft and delicate form of ferns? Do you want a garden that provides food for pollinators, or perhaps you just want to screen the neighbors. 

After our conversation we create a design curated for your interests. We take into account light levels, wind exposure, maintenance, irrigation - or the lack thereof, and the use of your space. When complete, we present a design that depicts the hardscape and plant material, as well as renderings of the plans and layout. 

Renderings of a rooftop design for a penthouse in Harlem

Renderings of a rooftop design for a penthouse in Harlem


Once the final design has been agreed upon, we place orders with our nursery and suppliers for plants, containers, and other materials. We require a 50% deposit before ordering any materials. From there we pick a date that works with your schedule as well as our crew's. 

Have your own plants already or don't need a design? Perhaps your garden just needs a hedge, or you want to add a few trees. We are happy to provide our horticultural expertise to source and/or install plant material for your site. 

An installation replacing lawn with a perennial garden

An installation replacing lawn with a perennial garden


Whether it be for a garden we installed, an existing garden you have, or a horticultural task such as pruning a tree, transplanting a shrub, or controlling a pest or disease -- we offer two types of maintenance services. 

Garden care

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and seasonal maintenance packages for a fixed rate. 

hourly visit

If your situation requires a one-time visit without routine maintenance, we offer our horticultural services at an hourly rate.

IMG_0021 3.jpg

Perennial garden we designed, installed, and maintain in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn